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The astounding uses of rice water were first identified in Japanese culture a thousand years ago, and today the whole world is praising the benefits of rice water. It is said to be one of the most amazing and inexpensive treatments you can treat your body with. It contains a lot of beneficial substances that can help in repairing skin and hair cells. One of the reasons most people give it a try is that you can prepare your DIY rice water easily as well as inexpensively. We aim that this article aids you to get the answer to the most asked query: why is rice water good for you?


Why is rice water good for you?

The astounding benefits of rice water are due to the natural goodness it contains in the form of nutrients which are great for your internal health as well as your appearance. Japanese swear by the divine properties it has, and the actual reason behind all this hype is the wholesome nutrients in rice water. Let’s have a look at what are the hidden health profits the nutrients in rice water offer to us.

Rice water is enriched with:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Flavonoids
  • Phenolic compounds
  • Ferulic acid
  • Allantoin


All of the above-listed nutrients in rice water have proven benefits in providing great nourishment to the skin and hair, as they are essential for proper cell functioning.

Keep reading to let us reveal the astonishing perks guaranteed with the adding regular uses of rice water in your daily life.

DIY Rice water- how to prepare it?

There are three different methods to prepare your DIY rice water bottle. Whenever you have to prepare the rice water, rinse rice first.

Most people say that the types of rice used to make water are of no concern. The following are some recommended ways to do it:


This method involves boiling rice and then using the strained water. The rice is thoroughly rinsed first. Then taking rice and water in the ratio 1:4, rice is cooked until a boil or two. After boiling, pressing is needed to release helpful chemicals and compounds. Water is strained using a sieve and is used later. 


In this method, the rice is kept soaked in water for at least half an hour and then is pressed. After straining, the nutritious water can be stirred in the refrigerator.


Fermenting takes more time than the other two ways, but it is known as the best method to gain maximum benefits of rice water. To prepare DIY rice water through the process of fermentation, follow these simple steps:


  1. Rinse and soak the rice in the clean water.
  2. Keep the container with rice and water in a dry place.
  3. Leave it for 2 to 3 days, until it develops a pungent sort of sour smell.
  4. Store this DIY rice water in an airtight jar, and dilute it when using.

5 amazing uses of Rice water:

Don't hesitate to apply rice water directly onto your skin or your hair. However, dilution is necessary if you have prepared it by boiling or fermenting method. You can also add any natural essential oil for a hint of your favorite fragrance and can customize the magical water in many ways.


5 uses of rice water are listed here, which can make your life easier. You can use this as:


  • A hair conditioner:Use it as a hair rinse after shampooing your gorgeous locks.


  • A mild shampoo:Mix a little amount of Castile liquid soap to it and this can be the mildest shampoo you can ever have.


  • A facial toner:After cleansing your face well, apply rice water as a toner to nourish it. The nutrients in rice water are something skincare freaks could die for!


  • Sunscreen base:Rice water is also proven to provide UVA/ UVB protection. Apply it before you leave home and you are ready to ace a long sunny day.


  • Body scrub base:You can prepare body scrub or exfoliant by adding some sea salt and your favorite essential oil in rice water.

Rice water home remedies that are super effective:

The remarkable benefits of rice water are being recognized and gaining popularity day by day. A lot of rice water home remedies are developed by experimenting with it in several ways. The great health-giving nutrients in rice water i.e. multivitamins and amino acids are necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Let’s dig right into some exceptionally useful rice water home remedies. Read to know: why is the rice water good for you?

Goodbye to the itchy scalp:

Leave all your problems behind when it comes to having an itchy and a super dry scalp.

Regular application can bless you with a moisturized and nourished scalp. You don't need to keep scratching your scalp anymore.

Boosts hair growth:

Applying rice water to your hair once or twice a week can cast a spell on your hair growth. If you dream to have long, thick, and shiny hair, then rice water is a must-try. Have those luscious locks you have been always longing for.

An instant energy boost:

The starch proportion in the rice water owes to the energy content it can give you. Whenever you feel your energy low, and tiredness, consider sipping on some rice water to uplift your energy levels, it also calms your nerves and can be used as a refreshing summer drink, when cooled.

Rice water for skincare:

Believe us, no beauty store can offer any skincare product more amazing than the rice water. If you keep on searching: why is the rice water good for you? Try using this as a daily moisturizer. You will notice your skin to be softer, radiant, and rejuvenated than before.

No more split ends:

A bunch of rice water users claim that the regular application can help prevent the annoying split ends. It keeps your hair nourished, and revitalized with all the nutrients needed to revive hair cells. No need to spend more money on a hair spa when you have rice water in your kitchen rack.

A solution to your eye-related problems:

Although it is not proven scientifically, there exist some claims that rice water can aid you to get rid of many eye problems including macular degeneration.

Make your GIT happy:

People who are sick of having digestion problems and stomach upsets every day or the other are recommended to drink rice water regularly. There is solid evidence that it helps fight diarrhea. Nevertheless, intaking it in a greater amount than recommended, can lead to many diseases as it contains arsenic, a heavy metal.

Treat your skin issues with this magic potion:

Rice water is undoubtedly a blessing for the people suffering from severe skin issues. It can cause a confirmed relief from sunburn, rashes, skin inflammation, and eczema.


Rice water is a magical potion that can treat you better than any beauty spa treatments. It can help you revitalize your skin, hair, and body owing to the great amount of essential nutrients it holds. The goodness of rice water is not limited to beautify you, it also promises to bless you with some super easy and effective treatment of chronic ailments your body is going through.


Before considering the use of rice water following any of the above recommendations, talk to your health consultant first to determine the suitable quantity according to your body needs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can rice water be used on the face daily?

Yes, rice water is gentle and can be applied daily to the face for moisturizing and toning.

Does rice water work as a natural sunscreen?

While it provides some UV protection, it's not a substitute for sunscreen; use proper sun protection.

How can rice water benefit hair growth?

Rice water nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth due to its rich nutrient content.

Is there a specific rice variety for making rice water?

Any rice variety can be used; the key is to rinse it thoroughly before preparing rice water.

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